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Bruce G. Allan,


April 16, 1953 – February 21, 2021

At McCarney Group LLP we pride ourselves in the relationships that together, make this firm what it is. So, when we lose a member of our firm family, it cuts us deeply. Never has this been truer than with the tragic loss on February 21, 2021 of Bruce Allan, CA, CPA.

Bruce was our retired, but still very present, partner, friend, colleague, and mentor. He had been an important part of the firm since joining McCarney Swinarton as a student in the early 1980s. He battled his first cancer diagnosis as a student of accounts, but persevered, receiving his designation and ultimately becoming a partner in March 1990.

Bruce was integrity personified. He taught us some of the most important lessons of our careers; he loved the work he did because it helped his clients. That was the sum total of his motivation: do the right thing, do it for good people, help them and their families enjoy the success they were building. He sincerely felt that he was a part of his clients’ teams. And we know the feeling was mutual.

Although receiving his second cancer diagnosis stoically in January, there were complications, and Bruce just couldn’t fight it the way he did in 1984. He passed away suddenly and swiftly at Sunnybrook Hospital, when the heart that defined him couldn’t take any more. His beloved wife Deb of 36 years was with him at the end.

We will miss Bruce’s wisdom, his insight, and his courage.

But most of all, we will miss a dear friend with a good heart who meant the world to us.

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